We do the heavy lifting for you

What exactly is PR Gym?

It's an online media analysis tool. Might sound a bit boring, but it'll save time, lots of time, time you can spend on fun things. Oh and it'll save you money, lots of money, money you can spend on fun things. All you need to create impressive reports is to input your achieved press into the nice little boxes. ...name of publication, date, article size, sentiment...even key messages if you fancy, and then you just press a button. Our database leaps into life and instantly generates a report you can securely email/link to whomever you want to impress. The reports look terrific - click here and take a look.

You get to instantly show them what a great job you've done, that you've created all this value, put them in front of all those people (OTS) and are generally brilliant.


PR Gym was created by all kinds of geeks - statistical geeks, analysis geeks, coding geeks, design geeks (though they hate it when we call them geeks) - you can harvest our geek'spertise and look seriously clever without firing a neuron.

Skip the diets, PR Gym is the smart route to a great set of figures. (Geek joke)